1. REINSTATEMENT FEE AND APPLICATION: Any member who has been suspended solely for the nonpayment of dues should be reinstated upon the payment of the current year’s dues provided, however that such member shall file appropriate application with the Secretary of his Chapter, and such application shall severally be acted upon at a meeting of the Chapter by a majority vote. The Order of AHEPA shall not charge a reinstatement fee to its membership. No chapter, district, or National Headquarters shall charge a reinstatement fee in any manner.

2. MEMBERS SUSPENDED FOR LESS THAN THREE YEARS: Any member who has been suspended merely for the nonpayment of dues for no more than three (3) years shall only have the right of being reinstated automatically by the additional method of merely making payment of all dues in arrears.

3. MEMBERS WHO HAVE MOVED: Any member who has been suspended for nonpayment of Chapter dues, and who has moved from the city where his Chapter is located, may apply for reinstatement and transfer to the Chapter in the city where he now resides. Such member can be reinstated by paying existing fees to the Chapter to which he desires to transfer, plus the required reinstatement and transfer fees. The transfer and reinstatement of such members shall be permitted solely between the Chapter whose transfer fees are required, and Headquarters; the Executive Director must, however, notify the original Chapter of such transfer and reinstatement. In the event that no response is received from said Chapter following request and notification within thirty (30) days, AHEPA Headquarters must complete and effect such reinstatement and transfer.


Upon showing made to a Chapter that a member who has been suspended for the nonpayment of dues is financially unable to comply with the requirements of SECTION A of this ARTICLE 5, but is desirous to be reinstated, the Chapter by majority vote, being convinced of the truth of such showing, may waive the payment of its share of the dues and restore the member in question to good standing, if he pays Three Dollars ($3.00) for each delinquent year from the period in which he became delinquent to the date of his reinstatement and not exceeding a maximum of three (3) annual payments, as provided in SECTION A of this ARTICLE 5.


A member suspended for other causes than the non-payment of dues, desiring reinstatement, shall make application thereof, by a letter addressed to the Secretary and accompanied by a fee of One Dollar ($1.00). Before action is taken upon his case, the Board of Governors shall investigate such suspended member to determine whether or not he is worthy of being reinstated. The Board of Governors shall report its decision to the Chapter for approval or rejection, but in no case shall a reinstatement be effected on lesser requirements or lighter terms than those of SECTIONS A and B of this ARTICLE 5.


A suspended member, in order to regain his rights and privileges as a member in good standing, must reinstate himself, and the provisions covering reinstatements shall apply. All reinstatements shall be strictly construed in accordance with the provisions and limitations of the AHEPA CONSTITUTION and AHEPA BYLAWS. If a candidate is rejected, he shall have the right to re-submit his reinstatement application after six (6) months from the date of his rejection.