The AHEPA International Committee sh all consist of nine (9) members and nine (9)alternates, and the Supreme President of both AHEPA and Australasia AHEPA, for a total of eleven (11) members and nine (9) alternates. AHEPA shall select six (6) members and six (6) alternates, and three (3) members and three (3) alternates shall be selected by Australasia AHEPA. The AHEPA Committee members shall be appointed by the Supreme President pursuant to his appointive powers in Article 16, Section A, Paragraph 1 of the AHEPA Constitution. The first year terms shall be staggered so that the AHEPA group of six (6) members and six (6) alternates will have two (2) members with three (3) year terms, two (2) members with two (2) year terms, and two (2) members with one (1) year terms. Beginning the following year, two (2) members will be appointed for three (3) year terms. The members and alternates shall be appointed by the Supreme Presidents except that one (1) of AHEPA’s members and one (1) of AHEPA’s alternates shall be appointed every three (3) years for a three (3) year term from among the Canadian AHEPA, after consultation with the Canadian President, beginning with the AHEPA International Committee’s inception. The Australasia group of three (3) members and three (3) alternates will have one (1) member with a three (3) year term, one (1) with a two (2) year term, and one (1) with a one (1) year term. Beginning the following year, one (1) member will be appointed for three (3) years. The members and alternates of Australasia AHEPA shall be appointed by the Supreme President of Australasia.


The AHEPA International Chairman shall be selected by AHEPA’s President.


The AHEPA International Committee shall formulate and implement common policies and objectives of both Orders; including but not limited to: International Affairs, Education, Hellenes Abroad, Modern and Ancient Hellenic Ideals, and Objectives, and the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. The Orders will make an effort to have joint Supreme Conventions and Pilgrimages to Greece, whenever feasible. Headquarters for the AHEPA International Committee will be at AHEPA headquarters. The AHEPA International Committee shall meet at least once annually, which may be via telephone and/or teleconferencing. Each Order shall be responsible for its own costs and expenses. These Bylaws shall be effective on the date they are approved by both Supreme Conventions. All AHEPA International Committee decision making shall be by action taken at a regular meeting of the AHEPA International Committee. The Chairman of the AHEPA International Committee shall submit an annual report for the year ending June 30th to each Supreme/National Convention.