Whenever a secret ballot is called for anywhere in these AHEPA BYLAWS or is otherwise approved for any vote, including, without limitation, ARTICLE 9, SECTION D; ARTICLE 25, SECTION C; ARTICLE 25, SECTION D, Paragraph 4; and all ARTICLES, SECTIONS and Paragraphs specifically enumerated in ARTICLE 26 of the AHEPA CONSTITUTION, the vote or election shall take place using some type of identical written, electronic or computerized ballot which is not marked or identified in any way to indicate the person submitting same, nor his Chapter nor District, and said ballot shall be completed confidentially and deposited by that individual into a secure, single receptacle into which all such ballots are inserted and in such a manner so that each person’s identity and vote cannot be ascertained, identified, disclosed, discovered or determined in any way. All such ballots shall be destroyed after their intended purposes have been fully realized. By example, without limitation, this requirement will not be satisfied by each person inserting their ballot into separate receptacles by District, State, Chapter, region, affiliation, office or in any other receptacle or receptacles which could in any way identify the vote of any individual.


The votes shall not be counted until the voting booths are closed at the officially set time.


No secret ballot will be required for any specific election for a position that is not contested such that a candidate is running unopposed.