1. BUDGET: Prepare the budget for presentation to the Supreme Lodge and AHEPA Board of Trustees for their approval; 

2. PAY BILLS: Review and authorize payment of all bills submitted for payment to AHEPA and not approved by the Supreme Convention;

3. EXPENSE REPORTING RULES: Recommend criteria to the AHEPA Board of Trustees for the reporting of expenses by anyone traveling on AHEPA business, including per diem allowance;

4. CONTRACTS: In consultation with the Supreme Counselor of AHEPA, review and analyze all contracts entered into by AHEPA;

5. CHART OF ACCOUNTS: Define line items (chart of accounts);

6. CONVENTION REPORT: Present a report on the Controller’s activities to the Supreme Convention;

7. EXPENDITURE RESTRICTIONS: Restrict expenditures from a line item whenever the limits of that line item are approached pending any action by the Supreme Lodge to change the line items with input from the AHEPA Board of Trustees as to financial and budgetary matters;

8. AUXILIARIES ADVICE: Provide financial advice and service to Auxiliaries; and

9. OTHER DUTIES: Perform any other duties which may be assigned by the Supreme Lodge, AHEPA Board of Trustees or the Supreme Convention.


The Controller shall be eligible for travel and per diem expenses pursuant to the final budget approved by the Supreme Convention. He or she shall be disqualified to act on anything in which he or she has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest, in which case he shall defer to the AHEPA Board of Trustees.


The Executive Director shall:

1. MANAGE HEADQUARTERS: Manage the day to day matters at Headquarters;

2. EMPLOYEE RECOMMENDATIONS: Make recommendations to the Supreme Lodge for the hiring, firing and evaluation of Headquarters employees (other than the Controller);

3. MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION: Promote membership and help assist and manage dayto-day member services;

4. LIASON: Serve as the central liaison between Headquarters and the Chapters and Districts;

5. SPECIAL EVENTS: Assist, plan, supervise and coordinate national meetings with dignitaries,

public officials, specific visitations, Conventions and special events;

6. DIRECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION: Implement Supreme Lodge and Board directives

7. FUNDRAISING IMPLEMENTATION: Assist in planning and implementing fundraising events;

8. OTHER DUTIES: Perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the

Supreme President, the Supreme Lodge or the Board of Trustees; and

9. SIGNING AUTHORITY LIMITATION: Not sign any contracts or checks on his own, and he shall only sign contracts or checks after approval of the appropriate elected body (as outlined in the AHEPA Constitution or Bylaws) and only with a properly designated elected National AHEPA Officer based on the dollar amount and area of responsibility and authority of such Officer.