In addition to those duties and powers set forth in ARTICLE 16 of the AHEPA CONSTITUTION, it shall be the duty of the Supreme Lodge and it shall have the power and authority:


To monitor membership growth or loss and evaluate membership trends by Chapter and District; to devise means of contacting new and former members to induce their continued membership; to devise means to retain the interest of members; and to recommend means to attract members from business and professions;


To adopt and establish uniform rituals, rites and ceremonies for the various services of the AHEPA, including initiation and installation ceremonies, funeral rites and for any and all other occasions or functions of which the order of AHEPA or any unit or subdivision thereof, has complete charge and direction;


To design, adopt and regulate a uniform regalia for the various Officers, and members, and to designate the occasion and the manner on and in which the same may be worn;


To dispense all paraphernalia, badges, buttons, insignia, rings, stationery and other necessaries or accessories of like nature to all Chapters, at actual cost price;


To reserve the exclusive right of designing, printing, issuing and distributing to Chapters, or members thereof, forms of membership certificates, receipts, cards, applications, transfers and reinstatements;


To organize or take over existing Auxiliary organizations of either sex, except for the AHEPA’s Foundations, Corporations and Political Action Committee, under such titles and conditions as it shall deem proper; to promulgate and enact Constitutions, Bylaws, and rituals for them, and at pleasure, to amend and in the case of junior organizations, to prescribe any and all rules pertaining to their admission to the AHEPA; provided that the respective heads of all junior and Auxiliary organizations shall have a right to a voice and vote on any of the above stated matters to be considered by the Supreme Lodge of the AHEPA;


To appoint, and prescribe the duties of, and supervise, such Boards, Committees or Deputies as it or the Supreme Convention may deem necessary and proper for the growth, expansion, general progress and well-being of the AHEPA and its Junior and Auxiliary organizations, including, without limitation, long range planning and/or strategic planning;


To appoint a committee to cooperate with other groups of common interests for the purpose of enacting legislation, just and equitable, to prospective Hellenic immigrants, but the AHEPA or any committee or agency registered thereunder shall have nothing to do with the administration of any such legislation;


To develop and conduct regional workshops and conferences for Districts and Chapters and other interested members which inform them concerning programs, practices, and procedures of the AHEPA, stimulate proposals to increase membership, and solicit ideas and proposals to better the AHEPA and benefit the members and to be responsible for the Congressional Banquet, with assistance from the Board of Trustees regarding solely the financial and budgetary aspects thereof;


To develop and implement activities intended to expand the image and membership of the AHEPA and to be responsible for the AHEPAN magazine, with assistance from the Board of Trustees regarding solely the financial and budgetary aspects thereof;

11. AWARDS: 

To monitor National, District, and Chapter award programs in order to maximize the beneficial effects of these programs; to design plaques, proclamations, certificates, and busts presented as awards; and to recommend recipients of national awards. The Supreme Lodge shall select the recipients of the awards presented at the Congressional Banquet;


To appoint a Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee as hereinafter described. The Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee shall consist of nine (9) members. Each year, the Supreme President shall appoint three (3) members to the Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee, each of which will serve a three (3)-year term, and the Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee shall elect its Chairman for the year from among its members. The purposes of this Committee shall be to gather and disseminate information regarding issues relevant to Cyprus, Greece, the Patriarchate and other Hellenic Affairs. No member shall hold more than two (2) consecutive terms;


To establish a Chapter or Chapters in Greece and Cyprus. Only members of the AHEPA residing in Greece or Cyprus, or former members residing in Greece or Cyprus who have been reinstated by their former Chapter, may apply for transfer to such Chapter or Chapters in Greece or Cyprus, provided they comply with all the transfer requirements set forth in the AHEPA CONSTITUTION and AHEPA BYLAWS; and such Chapter or Chapters are authorized further to initiate American or Canadian citizens residing in Greece or Cyprus.


Immediately after each Supreme Convention the outgoing Supreme Convention Chairman and the newly elected Supreme President shall appoint members to serve on a Standing Legislative Committee to serve in between Supreme Conventions. The Standing Legislative Committee shall:

(a) Review and help prepare specific legislative recommendations and AHEPA CONSTITUTION and AHEPA BYLAWS amendments proposed by such Standing Legislative Committee, the Supreme President, the Supreme Lodge, the AHEPA Board of Trustees, any regions, the Districts, the Chapters, Affiliates and AHEPA’s Foundations, Corporations, Committees or members;

(b) Continue to prepare specific recommendations to clarify, streamline or resolve conflicts within or among the AHEPA CONSTITUTION and AHEPA BYLAWS, and recommend revisions, additions or deletions necessary to keep the AHEPA Constitution and AHEPA Bylaws current and free of superfluous or contradictory language;

(c) Report their recommendations to the Delegates to the next Supreme Convention and the Legislative Committee of the Supreme Convention; and

(d) Participate as members of the Supreme Convention Legislative Committee in the consideration of legislation and AHEPA CONSTITUTION and AHEPA BYLAWS amendments to be presented to the Supreme Convention Delegates.

(e) Accept any proposals or amendments to the AHEPA National Constitution, the AHEPA Supreme Bylaws, the Trust(s) of the Order of AHEPA, and any other legislative proposals received no later than thirty (30) calendar days by submitting copies to National Headquarters and the Standing Legislative Committee Chair simultaneously. 


There shall be a permanent standing committee entitled the “AHEPA Growth and Expansion Committee” whose purpose shall be to increase the membership of the AHEPA and research and recommend services, programs to attract and serve the AHEPA membership. The Growth and Expansion Committee shall consist of: (a) the Supreme Vice President, who shall serve as the Chairman of such Committee; and eight (8) regional membership directors and one (1) at large member of the committee, all as appointed by the Supreme Vice President as hereafter described. The appointments shall be based on merit and qualifications and shall be for a period of three (3) years; provided, however, that in the first year of the existence of this Committee three (3) members shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years, three (3) members shall be appointed for a period of two (2) years and the final three (3) members shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year. Thereafter, the newly elected Supreme Vice President shall appoint three (3) members to fill the vacancies created by the three (3) members who three (3)-year terms have just expired. The Committee shall elect from its members a Vice Chairman. The Committee shall research and identify affinity programs which can provide benefits as a direct result of membership in the AHEPA and it shall be empowered to recommend programs to increase membership in accordance with the mission of the AHEPA.


The Supreme Lodge Officers and AHEPA Board of Trustees shall take an oath binding each and every one of them individually and collectively, to perform their duties to the best of their knowledge and ability. The oath shall be administered to the Supreme President by the outgoing Supreme President or by a surrogate designated by him. The oath shall be administered to all others by the Supreme President or by a surrogate designated by him.